Pharma SFA

Pharma SFA

Pharma SFA also known as MR reporting software is the need of the hour for pharmaceutical companies if they want a competitive edge in the market. The MR reporting software provides instant data and information on mobile or web platforms. They improve the performance of medical representatives and enhance their functionality.

Salestrip SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a MR reporting software which focuses on automating sales related activities of Medical representatives. It helps in increasing sales and provides accurate information which assists the top management and sales team in taking efficient and effective decisions. Salestrip also improves and maximizes profit margins and facilitates more business in lesser time.

It also helps Medical Representatives in scheduling their visits to the doctor; manage doctor appointments, set reminders, alerts and much more.

How does Salestrip SFA help you?

Features of the MR Reporting Tool

MR reporting is a huge responsibility and a complicated one. With the help of MR reporting software, this process gets simplified and much more efficient.

Real Time analysis and KPI

It helps in reducing paper work and maintains daily visits and surveys of doctors and retailers. It also has mobile check-in feature, real-time reporting and key performance indicator. The key information indicator shows your performance and activity through graphs and statistics.

Expense Controlling through Automatic Expense Calculation

You do not need to waste time on maintaining databases and excel sheets for expense management. SFA automates all such processes.

Control False reporting of Field Staff

The SFA can help managers keep a check on the working of the staff and control it remotely. It makes you aware of what the field staff is actually doing in a day and prevents the malpractice of false reporting as you have access to all their data.

Increase the productivity of Medical representative

The SFA helps in increasing the productivity of the medical representatives by allowing them to access data in real time. They can get to know about the current market requirements of any other data, anytime, anywhere.

Integration with other legacy systems

This software also allows integration and communication with other systems and software which bridges the communication gaps and allows efficient working of the organization.

Reminder, alerts and push notification

It has the functionality to set up reminders, alerts and sends notification to you when an urgent matter like a reminder needs your attention.

Track territory deviations of MRs

You can also keep track of your MRs locations and check their movement and routes that they are taking through a powerful GPS system. This helps you keep the MRs in check and keeps you aware of the work that they do.

Managing various activities

This software ensures that you manage leaves efficiently and track them accurately. You can easily manage appointments with doctor by setting reminders and alerts. You can manage your personal orders by checking out schemes online and order history. It also helps you calculate primary and secondary sales reports, customer reports and much more.