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4 Trends That Will Change The Future Of Field Force Automation

The success of any organization is majorly determined by its on-field sales representatives. In today’s competitive world, adapting to the new technology enhancements is a must if you want to stay within the marketplace. Therefore, it is vital for an organization to enrich its salesforce with a contemporary solution as it keeps your business prior to the competition. 

Earlier, the manual and traditional techniques had been utilized by the sales reps. Nowadays, the availability of on-field assets assists the sales reps in numerous ways as it aids in boosting their productiveness and performance both. 

Corporations have already begun out strengthening their field force with the advanced field force software in order to monitor their sales team performance and activities. 

Field force automation software has innumerable benefits which are consisting of:

  • Tracking sales rep’s live location
  • Efficient customer management
  • Improve productivity
  • Precise sales forecast from past sales data analysis
  •  Accurate report generation. 

With the evolution of technology, the dynamics of the field force keeps on changing. Till now, we are aware of the limited functionalities of field force software such as geo-fencing, report generation, sales forecast, customer satisfaction etc.

However, changing trends will take field force management to the next level to embrace modern-day technologies. These future trends of field force trying to deliver their best thus making it easier for businesses to manage their sales activities. Therefore, enhances the standard of their services. 

Let’s take a glimpse of it:

1. AI and IoT: Future drivers of Field Force Management:

As discussed above, advanced technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of things) is all set to transform the field force management. With the help of AI and connected devices, businesses can easily plan their strategies and improve their productivity in an effective manner. Also, this can be more beneficial for businesses in decision making and sales forecasting. Hence, companies have already started to shift their focus from manual tools and techniques that were time-consuming. 

Various studies have revealed that in an upcoming scenario almost 20 billion gadgets will be linked to the IoT and over 74% of providers will surely trust on it for its hassle-free working thus it will allow your field force to predict the customer’s need. From the customer’s query to how it can be solved, your field force will able to manage both which will ultimately take the customer’s satisfaction to the upper level.

Such transformation will give your businesses a boom and it will also prevent the hectic schedule of sales reps hence providing a happy, healthy and peaceful environment within the organization. 

2. Improved customer satisfaction:

 One of the most important things for a leading business is its customers. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the company’s promotion. Hence, equipping your field force with the management software program adds transparency to your business processes thus provides better visibility to the clients in the sales techniques. 

With the help of AI and IOT, businesses can notify their clients about supports and service visits via text messages, phone calls and emails thus allow customers to reschedule their visits with ease. 

In addition to this, the integration of AI and data analytics will let your field force management software to predict the future service requirements prior to the client’s complaint.

3. Blockchain technology: 

Whenever we hear blockchain technology, the primary idea that moves to our mind is of cryptocurrencies. However, it is not only restraint to it.

According to the experts, blockchain technology can be used for different industries including field service management. Integration of blockchain technology with smart devices and IOT may be used to leverage and authenticate the payment systems.

Through this, verification can be done by notifications, alerts thus improving customer’s experience. This will ultimately replace conventional methods of collecting payments.

4. Dealing with the prime data: 

According to the present situation, the demand for personalised brand experience has been raised over the past few years. People always wanted to compare your sales levels with giant brands. Nowadays, customer’s data can be easily accessed through multiple channels such as social media, emails and so forth.

Therefore, the corporation needs to create an all-encompassing evaluation of each customer’s information by making a total perceptive of the client’s review across all the channels. At the point when the statistics are very well analysed and decisions for advertising, marketing is totally based on it, customer services will see a speedy growth. 

Experts have already predicted the on-going technological revolutions and hence confirmed that the above features and trends to be applied very soon. Such integration will not only give details of your field reps, but it will also automate their day to day routine activities. Therefore, these trends will help to develop a trusted and outstanding customer experience which will eventually result in high customer retention. 

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